Commercial Parking Solutions

SSC Parking offers the first-class management of garages and lots, leasing and purchasing of parking assets, full-service valet duties, and assistance for developers in parking consulting and concierge services

Hospital Parking & Valet Solutions

SCC Parking realizes that a medical facility lot or garage is more than a business. It’s an opportunity to provide convenience to your staff and comfort to your patients and visitors.

Municipal Parking Solutions

With vast experience in both public and private areas, SSC Parking offers the first-class management of garages, lots and on-street parking.

Residential & Valet Parking Solutions

SSC Parking makes your residents and visitors feel right at home and we offer you every business advantage you can imagine


You and your customers benefit from automated technology that’s not only leading edge, but also works seamlessly with these and other valet and non-valet systems: Scheidt and Bachman, Amano, CVPS, AVPM, T2, Skidata, Data Park, Federal APD, WPS, Secom and Park Plus.


Years of industry experience coupled with assessment findings of our Six Sigma Green Belt consultant combined with the latest proprietary SSC developed apps create The Educated Approach To Parking.
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SSC Parking is committed to providing unparalleled client care, achieving the goal of complete client satisfaction, and providing the necessary resources to create an environment of continuous improvement through education and training.